Staff Optimization

Advia Credit Union - MI, WN, IL


Video Transcript

Advia Credit Union - Staff Optimization

Portia Powell, Southgate Branch Manager, Advia Credit Union

"Different people have different security levels, so it changed who we could schedule, and gave me a lot more flexibility in the scheduling. I don't always have to have a vault teller or a head teller there to set the branch up in the morning because the recyclers have given us the efficiency of being able to sign on and start work from the minute you walk in the door. So it's really given us a lot of flexibility in scheduling, it's really given us a lot of flexibility in the security of who has to be there, because the vaults are secure and under dual control. No one can access them individually. We're able to actually schedule based off of what we actually need to serve the members, not what we need to do to handle our internal processes."

Angie Lagina, Regional Director, Advia Credit Union

"I really love these machines because it is so much easier. If I need to jump on the teller line to help at all, I'm able to just jump on. I don't have to worry about getting a drawer out or putting a drawer away."

Lyndsey Wyatt, Branch Manager, Advia Credit Union

"We don't need someone to balance a drawer, say out in the drive-through, come back in and have to balance a drawer inside, and have two drawers to balance and add together. So now that we have a lot more time, the teller staff has a chance to dig deeper into the cross-training to see what else at Advia they might be interested in. The cash machines have really helped give us more time to be able to cross-train our employees and give them more opportunities within the credit union."