Retail Cash Automation: Cash Recyclers & Coin

ARCA Expert Jeff Hauser


So, should you worry about coin? The answer is, it depends. There are times when coin is a pivotal part or an integral part of the business, and volume is such that you want to explore whether or not automating that will get you the return on investment you’d expect from a capital investment, and the software and the hardware required to do that. But there are also times quite frankly, where you are looking at a $5000 solution to a $500 problem, and it’s not justifiable. 
I think that’s one of the unique values of working with organizations in the industry that are consultative, because there truly is no one size fits all. And not only are there are no two customers alike, in most cases there are no two customer sites alike, because cash volume and cash use is so dependent upon things like geography and demographics served, that what may work well in a retail location on Main Street will not work quite as well in a retail location in a rural or suburban environment. So, should you worry about coin? Maybe.