Installation Day

Lake City Bank, Indiana


Lisa Fitzgerald, Retail Support Officer, Lake City Bank: "On installation day, you will have an ARCA representative on hand to make sure all of our electrical is set up and ready to go. And then, you'll have a truck show up with the riggers where the cash recyclers are on. They'll unload those, they unpack the cash recyclers, they inspect them before they bring them in, and then as they're bringing them into the building, they are very careful to put down pieces of plywood to make sure there's no scratches on the floor.
Once it is set in place, they will get everything set up with how you want your denominations to be, get all of your information in there so that it connects up to your teller system. Once that is done, they do a great job on training the staff, and then they go through a very thorough process of how we should clean it. That way, we can be more efficient when we're helping our customers and not have the jams. So I feel that the process that they go through with that is very beneficial to the bank.
For the tellers to get an understanding of the machine, honestly, within a half-day, they got it down, and they know where they're supposed to put the bills, where the bills are coming out, where the reject bills go. So, usually, within a half-day they are starting to feel more comfortable with it and what they need to do."