How ARCA Cash Recyclers Increase Safety



Aaron Clark, Assistant Branch Manager, Unitus Community Credit Union:  I've fortunately never had to go through a robbery here at Unitus, but in my prior banking experience I have been through a robbery situation. It's intense for everybody. You have that feeling of always wishing you coulda done more at the time. You look back on and say, "You know, I shoulda done this. I shoulda done that."

Michael Hansen, Regional Manager, Unitus Community Credit Union: This technology has really, really allowed us to enhance the safety and security, not just the physical cash, but also the staff, for everybody. 

AaronClark: We use these cash recyclers to limit how much cash they have in their drawer.

Michael Hansen: I no longer have to worry about, "Do I have people going back and forth all the time throughout the day in a busy environment with cash?" We can manage it more efficiently, we can reduce the inventory, and we can reduce the exposure. Most of those processes that were a little riskier or more exposed, can be done less frequently and at a much better time of the day. 

Aaron Clark: You'll hear our tellers say, "We don't keep currency in our drawers anymore." You know, people hear that in the lobby and they're aware of it. And with the TCRs, they have the function on there where you can dispense a random amount of cash and set an alarm off, a silent alarm. So that gives us good peace of mind.

Michael Hansen: From a security perspective and a risk perspective, it's been an amazing benefit for us.