Eliminating Back Office Drudgery

World's Fair-Eataly EXPO, Italy


Title: Italy is Eataly.

Text: Since 1851, nations have gathered at the World's Fair, to embrace culture, technology and innovation.

Announcer: The most spectacular event of this era. Something for everybody. And wherever you turn, something of awe, interest, excitement and wonder.

Text: In 2015, the World's Fair was held in Milan, Italy.

Tourists: We are from Hong Kong. We love Italy!

Text: The Eataly Expo was one of the most popular attractions, an enormous pavilion providing a journey through Italy's highest quality food and wine. This is their story.

Francesco Farinetti, Eataly CEO: My name is Francesco Farinetti, I'm the CEO of Eataly, and I am so happy to be here today to tell you about our greatest success to date, Eataly Expo. By the end of September the restaurant service reached sales of 22 million euro. We've had about 3.5 million people visit our stores.

Text: That's a lot of cash is a lot of hands.

Francesco Farinetti: Since the beginning we had to address the issue of cash so as to be able to automate and streamline all procedures pertaining to that method of payment.

Text: The solution was back office cash management technology from CTS Solutions and ARCA.

Matteo Ferrio, Eataly Security Manager: Here at Eataly Expo we've installed two cash automation devices in the back office. These two devices have allowed us to automate the payment process to all the 20 restaurants in our pavilion during the six months event. The system is very simple and has allowed our 40 cashiers to withdraw, deposit and exchange cash and coin during the day.

Francesco Farinetti: We have entered into a very positive relationship with CTS Solutions, a branch of ARCA. The automation of the back office process has been very important for us to build trust with our restaurant partners. We've drastically reduced manual errors and increased transaction data accuracy. At the end of each daily service we received a message with our daily balance and before collaborating with ARCA we were unable to automate our cash processes.