Drive-through Efficiencies

Advia Credit Union - MI, WN, IL


Video Transcript

Advia Credit Union - Drive-Through Efficiencies

Lyndsey Wyatt, Branch Manager, Advia Credit Union

"Our unique drive-through is actually a stand-alone building. The cash recyclers have really helped with efficiency in the drive-through. We can actually help more members quicker, yet still stay efficient and do all of our transactions correctly. Without having to count the cash back, we can simply put the money into the envelope, send out the transaction, and move along a lot quicker. We also have more time to talk with the members through the drive-through and build that rapport because we are not needing to count the cash in, count the cash out. Anyone can hop on a drawer, help in an emergency, help in a situation where we get busier than we thought we'd be, or any situation like that because the cash recyclers added that convenience for us."