Counterfeit Detection

Advia Credit Union - MI, WN, IL


Video Transcript

Advia Credit Union - Counterfeit Detection

Portia Powell, Southgate Branch Manager, Advia Credit Union

"It's funny, when you get a counterfeit bill into the recycler, it makes a little jingle sound. It makes like a bell and whistle kind of go off, so you know, 'Hey, stop what you're doing, you need to look and see what this is that's in here.' And sometimes it's a little thing. Sometimes if it's really old bills, it may stop and just say, 'Take a second look.' But, for the most part, it's being counterfeit, and we've uncovered several bills, unfortunately, that were counterfeit, and were able to let the member know this was exactly what it was, and they were, you know, 'Wow! Wow, that machine actually checks for those things!'

Sometimes it's more thorough than the human eye because it knows what security features need to be in what bill. So sometimes the paper may feel right to us, where if you're just counting and that paper feels right, then you continue to keep counting, but with the recycler, it's checking for those security features. It knows what should be where and if anything is out of sorts, it's spitting that bill out and starting to do it's little dance so that you know, 'Hey, stop, something's going on here.'"