Cash Recyclers Reduce Risk and Increase Security

Cash Recyclers Create A Safer Branch


Branch Transformation at Washington Trust Bank

Right size. Right fit. ARCA cash recyclers for every cash environment.

Cash Recyclers Reduce Risk

Cash Recyclers Create A Safer Branch

Making The Most With Your Time

Cash Recyclers Allow You To Make The Most With Your Time

The ARCA Difference at Washington Trust

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Cash Recyclers Reduce Risk and Increase Security at Washington Trust Bank

Cathie Winegar, Vice President, Retail Operations Manager: Cash recyclers have allowed us to have a more secure and safe environment by containing all of the cash.

Mollie Treppiedi, Assistant Branch Manager:: We no longer have access to cash behind a teller line.

Kelli Kenzel, Branch Manager, Regional Sales Team Lead: It's all locked up in a machine, so we do not need to worry about the fact, did somebody accidentally leave a drawer unlocked, or is a customer in this open environment able to walk over to a drawer and to take money out? It's all secured in a safe.

Cathie Winegar: They don't have to lock anything up. They don't have to have keys.

Mollie Treppiedi, We now are not having to transport cash back and forth between cash drawers to ensure that we're selling down our drawers or whatever it might be.

Cathie Winegar: They don't have to worry about opening or closing or balancing a cash drawer, and they're allowed to roam freely. They can walk away. They can walk with a customer.

Emily Burgess, Branch Manager, Regional Sales Team Lead: No one can actually get into it on their own. Everything is tracked through the system, and auditing is amazingly easy and fast.

Tami Ferguson, Retail Group Manager: It's giving our employees a sense of security that that cash is tucked away and that they don't have to worry about having it exposed. The balancing, moving it throughout the branch, we've really streamlined a lot of our processes to make it easier and more secure for our employees.

Tracey St. Onge, Branch Manager: The recyclers, I feel, have given us so much more security.

Kelli Kenzel: It's allowed us to be more mindful, in my opinion, of what's going on in the branch because you're not so worried about loading cash or taking care of cash.

Jake McCarty, Vice President, Retail Group Operations Manager: It's helped our customers to realize that this isn't one of these places where it's this fortress, and the teller's behind the bandit barrier, and we can't talk to them, and it's not safe for us to be there.

Tracey St. Onge: I feel a lot more safe.

Cathie Winegar: We just recently went through a robbery, and the duress signal worked perfectly as designed. It allowed the employee who was robbed, in a very traumatic situation, to feel calm and to feel confident that they were doing the right thing.

Emily Burgess: It was the first time that we had the recycler for that kind of situation, and the robber actually was able to get in and out very quickly, but it was safer for our employees because they were able to get that cash out of the machine very quickly by doing the transaction that we've trained them to do.

Cathie Winegar: We practice all the time, and they're aware. The employees and team is aware of what to do, so when it happens, they understand that they are secure and that they don't have to worry about a bigger loss to the bank or a loss of their safety and security.

Emily Burgess: Our security team was actually commenting on how quickly we were able to get them in and out to protect our employees.

Jake McCarty: Our branches are a more welcoming and safe place to be because of these devices.