Cash In Transit

Advia Credit Union - MI, WN, IL


Video Transcript

Advia Credit Union - Cash In Transit

Portia Powell, Southgate Branch Manager, Advia Credit Union

"Since we've implemented the recyclers, I feel that the cash ordering process has become a lot smoother, and the fact that we now know exactly what's being utilized - the machine stores that data - and we're able to order more efficiently. We can see what bills are being used more often, so it reduces how often we have to order cash, and also changes what we've ordered. so we're not just warehousing or stockpiling tens in the back that we know are not being utilized. 

As that money comes in from the recyclers, we are able to recycle that money back out and use that again. So, it has really alleviated cash in transit from the curriers, and it has also alleviated how much internal cash we have to transition back and forth. I don't have as many transactions being conducted through our vault tellers. That way, it's giving our employees opportunities to actually interact with the members as opposed to having to go to each other saying, 'I need this denomination,' and so forth. So, it's really, overall, reduced the amount of cash transactions from a non-member perspective that we have to conduct."