Branch Transformation and Removing Barriers At Washington Trust Bank

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Branch Transformation at Washington Trust Bank

Right size. Right fit. ARCA cash recyclers for every cash environment.

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Branch Transformation and Removing Barriers at Washington Trust Bank

Spokane, Washington

Jake McCarty, Vice President, Retail Group Operations Manager: Washington Trust Bank is just over $6 billion, and we cover Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and have about 42 branches in those states. One of the primary focuses of our branch evolution was to remove the barriers that were between us and our customers.

Tracey St. Onge, Branch Manager: Previously in with our traditional branch, there was a barrier between anyone running a transaction. You weren't able to really, fully help that customer. And at times, that customer may have to wait for someone that was free that could actually help them.

Jake McCarty: We've got rid of those teller lines that separated us from the customer. One of the reasons that we went with TCRs in the branch evolution plan was to ensure that our employees could concentrate on the customer interaction instead of being that person that had to count their money three times.

Jim Branson, Senior Vice President: Cash recycler allowed us to start that process where we could break away the teller line into pieces and pods.

Jake McCarty: When customers come into the branch now, they can stand side by side with us. There's no security risk because there's no drawer that's full of all of this cash anymore.

Mollie Treppiedi, Assistant Branch Manager: Our branch design is one of an open design, where the customers can actually flow throughout the entire branch. There is no place that's off limits to them.

Kelli Kenzel, Branch Manager, Regional Sales Team Lead: We're training our tellers, our financial concierges is what we call them, on every aspect.

Jake McCarty: Each of our employees is trained to the level that when a customer walks in, that employee can help them. So there's no more pointing across the branch, "So and so can help you," or, "You need to wait for this person."

Mollie Treppiedi: Every transaction can be completed at any location. We do have some customers that we know prefer to sit down with somebody versus standing at the pod location. They actually have the ability to come in and go right back to our drive-through area so that they can stand right next to them in drive-up while there may be cars outside and be assisted in the inside.

Tami Ferguson, Retail Group Manager: We found a way to allow anybody in the branch to have access to a single recycler, so they're running on our network. So, what that means is any financial concierge in the location can also access the cash in that recycler.

Jake: McCarty The majority of our interactions are done with the teller pods. So those are the tall. We have CM18s and the Evo model as well. But we also found that some of our locations had just a little bit more traffic than we could service out of one recycler, and so we would purchase the Solo as well and put that at a desk. And that employee can now be one of those extra [inaudible 00:02:21] that's helping customers that have the monetary transactions.

Jim Branson: So far, our strategy has worked amazingly well, and we've really excelled in our overall sales because people are spending less time counting money and more time with our customers.

Jake McCarty: Out of our 42 branches, we currently have recyclers in 35 of them and plan on deploying recyclers to the remainder over the next two years because it is important to us that our employees have the ability to concentrate on the important things, the customer interaction. We hear quite often, you know, after a couple of weeks of having the recycler by their side, "If you take this thing away from me, I'm quitting."