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ARCA, FIS and Marquette Savings Bank

Seamless Integration

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ARCA , FIS and Marquette Savings Bank

Tim Cloud, Hardware Product Sales Consultant, FIS Global 

"We've been really happy with the relationship with ARCA. Many years ago, we noticed that ARCA was a very strong player in this market, had a very strong product in the CM18. Their support was unparalleled and the cost point was just very competitive. The relationship has been fantastic; it's growing and we're selling a lot of these units, and our customers are very satisfied with the CM18 as well as FIS."

Andrew Rowe, Vice President Business Development, ARCA

"Being a technology partner with FIS is incredibly important to ARCA. The two ways that we've been able to closely integrate with FIS are through Horizon, and the other one is through Bankway. They are two teller applications that FIS provides. Those two integrations being in place have helped set us apart from other providers of this technology."

Gabe Liner, North American Sales Executive, FIS Global

"The ARCA cash recycler has been a great device that we've implemented and it's our customer base. The customer's that are using them now have really stepped forward and acknowledged that this is a great solution for their use, as well as with the integration into our teller system."

Lisa Lopez, Vice President - Manager Deposit Operations, Marquette Savings Bank

"I think when Marquette Savings Bank was looking to remodel a few branches, and also when we built a new branch, we wanted to go state-of-the-art, and we wanted to have more time to spend with the customer. The interface made it real seamless for the tellers to balance the machines; they have excellent reporting out there. FIS, on their implementations and when we're looking to add new services and products, is always...I've not had a bad experience with a project; they make it very, very easy. They provide a lot support along the way, and then of course, after we've been fully implemented. The implementation, though, is real simple. The ARCA people made it real nice and easy for us. They were on site with us. They sent experts in the field, so you feel very comfortable. They give you the tour of the machine itself, so you feel real comfortable right from the get-go handling that machine."