ARCA CM18 Overview

ARCA CM18 Cash Recycler


Hi my name is Viet, and today we'll go over the components and functionalities of the CM18 Cash Recycler. Now, the CM18 is divided into two major components, the upper track and the lower safe track. Let's take a look at the upper track. 
This is the area where you will make deposits, withdrawals and receive rejected notes. The input bin is used to deposit or count cash up to 200 bank notes at a time. The output bin supplies the bank notes from either the safe through a withdrawal, or using the counting feature. The reject bin will hold the unfit notes which could be counterfeit or damaged bills. Let's take a quick look at the bill path. 
When you insert the bank note into the input bin, the note will first process through the feeder module. It will then be identified by the reader module, and then continue onto the cross point area. At this point it will either go into the safe, or through the output bin, or into the reject bin as an unfit note. The CM18 has been designed to process bank notes that are normally in circulation accepting varying degrees of wear and tear. However, a certain amount of attention on the part of the operator to remove the most noticeable defects helps to improve the efficiency of the machine and also reduces the occurrences f jamming. When jams occur, the majority of the time it will be in the upper track. Now let's take a look at the safe where the money is stored. 
The safe is equipped with a door contact, thermal sensor and a duress feature. The duress feature can be triggered by using the keypad, or your teller software. To open the safe you will need a valid combination code of either 6 or 12 digits. This CM18 currently has 8 cassettes but it can hold up to 12 cassettes, 2 in each tray. To open the tray, release the blue latch, and pull. Here you will see a rolled storage mechanism which is a very well-established mature technology. Each cassette can be configured to hold a specific denomination. Should there be a jam in the safe, you can locate and remove the jammed cassette by grabbing onto the blue levers, and lift. 
Just a quick overview of the cassette features. An advantage of the rolled storage method is the security benefit. As you can see, it is difficult for someone to remove the banknotes quickly without damaging the module. It weighs about 15 pounds and contains 2 sensors in the pathway that will count each banknote process in and out of the cassette. Each cassette is set to store a recommended 450 banknote max capacity. The CM18 Cash Recycler has the ability to increase accuracy and efficiency for your workstation.