ARCA Cash Recyclers & Branch Strategy In Portland



Michael Hansen, Regional Manager, Unitus Community Credit Union: Unitus is a community credit union founded in Portland, Oregon in 1937. The Beaverton branch is probably the third busiest branch in our network. 

Brian Alfano, Vice President of Member Services, Unitus Community Credit Union: We started working on our branch strategy in 2013. We actually turned to the Universal model. In order to do that, we needed something like a teller cash recycler. 

Michael Hansen: The staff response to the TCRs has been great. 

Aaron Clark, Assistant Branch Manager, Unitus Community Credit Union: They've changed my tellers' and my Universal associates' and my member advocates' lives so drastically, not having to worry about the server that comes in and has $500 worth of 1s and 5s. 

Brian Alfano: I think that what we've experienced is actually more benefit than we had anticipated. We have a very busy branch and it typically took them anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to close up the branch every day, which meant they got home to their families much later. We had to handle that from a scheduling standpoint. They're now able to get that end of day process down to 15 minutes. We've also seen balancing become much simpler than it was in the past. That was a big thing. We knew that was going to be a benefit, but we didn't know how beneficial it would be. We've also heard enhancements in processing ATMs.

Aaron Clark: It would probably take two of my tellers of the teller line for about an hour, an hour and a half, to process that ATM in dual control, count every piece of cash, verify it twice and then process it manually into our drawers, which would absolutely be over thousands of dollars of the limit. So, then we'd have to sell it back to the vault and make sure everyone was under their limits. With our TCRs, we take the money, we put it into our internal GL and stack the cash in the machine. It counts it all. We verify it with the receipt, simple as that.

Octavio Rojas-Coronel, Teller, Unitus Community Credit Union: They are such useful things to have, super reliable, super easy to use.

Brian Alfano: ARCA's been a great partner throughout all of this process. We wanted to figure out what was the right recycler for Unitus. We looked at pretty much every vendor that was out there. We also believe service is a big component to it. The service that we've received from ARCA has been fantastic.

Michae Hansen: l If I removed the cash recyclers tomorrow, I would probably be found in the ditch the following day. They know where my office is. Yeah, they would not be happy with me.