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ARCA and ADA Compliance

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Aaron Hanes, Central Florida Regional Operations Manager, Capital City Bank: We were excited here in Chiefland. We were part of a pilot program. We were the first one to have the solo recycler. That is what's at the ADA accessible desk. It's really helped with opportunity with sales, and also efficiency for our tellers.

On our teller line, we have three stations with tellers that provide cash transactions mainly, and then right down from our teller line is the drop-down where it is ADA accessible, and they're able to have multi-functional services delivered to them right there. As you can see, a wheelchair can pull right up to the teller's station. We have motorized scooters that come in and sit right at the desk.

With the added TCR, the sales training for our tellers is everyday observation training because, as you can see, they're right there next to the universal associates, so they're able to observe those conversations that would otherwise be taking place in an office.