A Speedy Cash Automation ROI

Broadway Grand Prix, Myrtle Beach, SC


Christina Lazarus, Broadway Grand Prix: Hi, I'm Christina Lazarus here at the Broadway Grand Prix, where we offer 7 different go-kart tracks, 7 different kids' rides, 2 18-hole mini golf courses, a rock wall, a hundred-foot sky coaster, a full arcade, and all the food and beverage that you could ask for.

David Melton, General Manager: My name is David Melton, I'm the general manager of Broadway Grand Prix at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Prior to going with the ARCA concept, we were strictly manually counting all the cash that comes in. We may have as many as 16 points of sale times 2 shifts per day times 7 days per week. Each person had to manually check out with the revenue folks at the end of the day.

Monica Spain, Shift Manager: We would have to actually be in that cash room, go ahead and count down their money, make sure it was correct. 

David Melton: And unfortunately, one couldn't proceed til the one in front had completed.

Monica Spain: We probably wasn't getting outta here til 2:00 in the morning, had to be back for a 9 a.m. shift.

David Melton: We were eating up a lotta labor. It was taking a lotta time. It was taking a lot of managers away from the operation.

Monica Spain: It was kinda a mess.

David Melton: I ran into ARCA at IAAPA and we started the process of getting this into our system, and we determined that in the first year we were gonna recoup our investment based on labor savings alone. The amount of savings in minutes multiplied by the number of stations per shift, times two shifts per day, times seven days a week, adds up very quick. This system takes away the need for a manager to be present during the activation of a cashier into the system. All they have to do is go to the system, it identifies them by their own password, and it automatically issues them their starting funds and the receipt to go with it. 

Joe Foltz, Operations Manager: And when they go on break, they don't need any supervision to do so. They actually just deposit all their cash, pull their receipt, and go on their break. 

David Melton: Everything balances up, it's 100%. No managers involved. We accomplish the mid-shift audit, and at the end of a shift, they do the exact same thing. What may have taken anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes, if you're lucky, on a manual process, now takes on average about 2 to 3. When they come back from their break, the system reissues them their starting till, the cashiers are back on the trail of selling, and it makes everybody more efficient in terms of being able to be out on the floor, managing the process, working with the customers and the front-line sales staff, as opposed to having to be stuck behind a secured wall, counting 1s and 5s and 10s.