A Commitment To Members

Advia Credit Union - MI, WN, IL


Video Transcript

A Commitment To Members

Nancy Loftis, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, Advia Credit Union

"When it comes to serving our members, we really want to be able to engage in quality conversations with them, we want to be able to provide financial advantages. So a lot of that really comes from our ability to be able to engage with them, find out what their needs are, and in order to do that, we need to be able to have the time to be able to engage in that. Having cash recyclers in our branches provides us that opportunity. It enabled our team to be able to move away from focusing on the transaction to be able to actually have better conversations with our members. So that was an important initiative that we felt was being met by the introduction of these machines into our branches.

Our commitment to our members includes being in a very efficient, well-operating credit union. The cash recyclers enables us to do that. We have been able to have greater efficiencies in our cash delivery needs, our employee needs as far as being able to have the quality conversations with our members, it's helped with our ability to schedule our teams more efficiently, and really has provided an overall greater experience for our members."