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How does a teller cash recycler work?

October 10, 2022

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A teller cash recycler (TCR) is a machine that authenticates incoming bank notes and securely stores the cash in an internal vault, and then provides the capability to process automated cash transactions for the tellers from the cash inventory, including deposits and withdrawals. The machines are typically found in banks and other financial institutions, and directly integrate with the teller transaction software.

Teller cash recycler (TCR) basics

  1. For a deposit, cash notes are placed into the Input Bin.
  2. The cash travels inside the machine, where sensors count and evaluate the notes for fitness, authenticity, and denomination.
  3. Any unfit or suspect notes are returned into the Reject Bin
  4. Valid cash is stored inside the safe in cassettes.
  5. For a withdrawal, cash is recycled from the safe to the Output Bin.

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