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Focus On Your Shoppers

October 10, 2022


From early marketplaces where goods were bartered to the use of cattle, cowries, coins and finally cash as forms of currency, managing and securing that currency has been a challenge for retailers. Today, retailers are under increasing pressure to control costs, improve customer service, and remain relevant in the e-commerce era.

Declining retail sales have forced retailers to look inward at their costs, efficiencies, and the customer experience. Having locations close to where customers live or work offers a distinct competitive advantage so brick-and-mortar businesses are re-evaluating and transforming their stores in an effort to address these challenges. Cash automation technology plays a significant role in these efforts. Reducing cash management costs can create time and money you can use to focus on your shoppers. In his speech at EuroCIS, Luca Cococcia explains how cash solutions can make retailers smarter, safer more profitable.


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