Allen Shaver: Envoy is a software development platform to simplify the task of integration, integrating cash dispensers, and now, bill acceptors. And as we go into the future, any other device that they may want to put in a kiosk.

Brian Honeycutt: Arca recognized that we have customers, software developers that were fantastic at creating innovative applications. And we had a host of hardware devices, that we can sell to those customers and help make their kiosk, for example, a reality.

Allen: What we realized through the daily interactions with our customers is there was a better way for Arca to serve the customer, the developer, as well as the business person, who wants to get a brand new product out the door.

Brian: The challenge for those developers always seems to be developing the support for the device, the hardware device, that actually does the physical handling of cash or credit cards, handling receipts and things like this.

Allen: What really will accelerate their time to market is if we make it as easy as possible to integrate it into their existing software, or if they're starting from scratch, from new software.

Brian: It is innovative in the sense that no other company has ever tried to tackle driver support or device support in this way. Generally, it's either produced by a manufacturer where their only concern was selling their own devices or by someone reselling only that manufacturer's devices. But in our case, we're not loyal to any one, whether that be a manufacturer of the device, or an operating system, or a developer language.

Allen: So where Arca is really heading here is we want to give our customers flexibility on the dispenser, the acceptor, and any other peripheral that's added.

Brian: I'm excited to be a part of developing Envoy. I think it's a revolutionary and useful product, and I hope that our customers, the software developers out there, that it helps them expand their great ideas, and to finish products in a short amount of time, because that's the goal for Envoy and for Arca.