JetSort Coin Sorter

Compact and powerful.

Coin automation devices allow you enjoy the same benefits you get from cash automation like:

  • Faster and more accurate counting
  • Easier end of day processes
  • Cashier accountability
  • Easier balancing

Cashiers simply pour till coin into the tray and the JetSort counts and sorts it then reports totals for till balancing. To manage both coin and bills, you can integrate the coin sorter with a cash recycler to maximize productivity. You gain efficiency with processing speeds to sort and count up to 2,200 coins per minute and ensure balanced deposits with 99.9% accuracy. Coins can be sorted into drawers for reuse or directly into bags for bank deposit. 

The JetSort allows you to assign unique operator ids to create an audit trail for transactions and cashier accountability. The device also provides adjustable bag/box stop limits by denomination and allows for coin packaging.  

JetSort Coin Sorter
JetSort Coin Sorter

Fast and accurate

  • Sorting speed: up to 2,200 coins per minute
  • Sorts up to 6 coin denominations
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Built-in lift tray doesn't require additional counter space
  • 4 RS232 ports for connecting to other devices
  • Dimensions: 10.5"W x 10"H 17"D
  • Weight: 54 lbs