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ARCA Quireo

Total visibility over your cash flow

Quiero Dashboard Interface Software
Quiero Cash Management Software

Managing your cash should be easy, and Quireo delivers, both functionality and flexibility.

Quireo is designed to secure and simplify the control of in-store cash flow. It allows remote supervision and management of all in-store ARCA devices and deposit/dispensing transactions carried out by the staff. This transparency reveals opportunities to increase efficiencies, resulting in significant reductions in operating costs. Accountability is increased and shrinkage is reduced. 

Increased visibility lets you to focus on the big picture—improving operations to get the business results you want.

Superb Integration

Quireo platform communicates with ARCA machines and the store’s IT system. It can also be operated via a web browser.

Secure Cash Visibility

Cash flow can be traced and monitored in real time. It offers multiple features for instant analysis and report editing.

Flexible And Stable

Uses the latest Microsoft technologies.

Quireo supports notes, coins, and ticketing solutions for retail and transportation providers. There are little configuration requirements, so implementation into your business model is easy and hassle-free.