ARCA CR40 Coin Recycler

Slim design, small footprint coin recycler

The ARCA CR40 Coin Recycler automates back office coin management, allowing retail staff to reduce time-consuming manual coin handling. 

The coin recycler is designed for back offices with limited space and for retailers who manage coin amounts that don't require the high capacity of ARCA’s larger coin recycler.

It's perfect for retail stores that have three to twelve points of sales per location, such as proximity retail businesses and do-it-yourself stores.

CR40 Coin Recycler
Currently available in Europe only. Coming soon to the US.

Automates counting, sorting and filling tills

The ARCA CR40 Coin Recycler stores and then dispenses coins at the beginning of shifts or the start of the day. Coins are recycled from previous deposits and are used to automatically fill the tills for each cashier or register.

Coin amounts are predetermined specifically for each user and are dispensed by denomination to the precise location within the drawer. Time and human error are reduced while accuracy, security and accountability are improved.

ARCA CR40 dispenses coin directly into drawer by denomination

Fast and efficient end of shift depositing

At the end of a shift, coins are emptied from the cash drawer directly onto the CR40's large feed surface and precisely counted, sorted and stored - ready for the next dispense. 

Staff overtime due to miscounted coin is eliminated. Labor costs are reduced resulting in a fast ROI. The CR40 helps you maintain a steady inventory of sorted coin in your store. This means fewer change orders.

ARCA CR40 Coin Deposit

Software options 

ARCA Control’s touchscreen interface lets cashiers quickly withdraw or deposit coins with just a few simple touches. Tracking the CR40’s available coin is also simple using ARCA Insight on the web or Quireo locally. Just login and view the cash position of your recycler for each denomination. You will never get caught without enough coins to get through your day.


CR40 Quick Specs:

  • Dispenses approximately 960 coins per minute
  • Accepts approximately 200 coins per minute
  • 5500 coins storage capacity approximately
    • 1 cent:  1300
    • 2 cent:  1000
    • 5 cent:    800
    • 10 cent:  750
    • 20 cent:  600
    • 50 cent:  375
    • 1 Euro:    400
    • 2 Euro:    300
  • Dimensions:
    • 94 x 69.1 x 35.1 centimeters
  • Weight (Empty):
    • 84 kilograms
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