Enter the game changer.

We’ve seen it before: Long lines coming out of the cash office while employees wait for their cash drawers and start funds to be distributed. It goes for end of day of balancing too. Trust us, there’s a much better way.

The CM18b cash recycler prepares cashier drawers at the start of the day and receives cash at the end of the day—without additional supervision. The CM18b counts, sorts, and stores notes, leading to a reduction in labor costs and ultimately increases efficiencies. No more long lines and no more late nights, which leaves everyone happy.

See the possibilities

ARCA CM18b Cash Recycler

Handle high volumes of cash.

Retailers handle a lot of cash. This is a nightmare for businesses as working with cash is labor intensive and has many inherent security risks. The CM18b not only provides better visibility to your cash but also delivers an additional layer of security. By automating traditional manual cash handling processes you will realize lower labor costs and less shrink while freeing employees to focus on what matters most—the customer.

ARCA CM18b Cash Recycler Deposit Bag
Illustration showing ARCA CM18b's cash deposit paths.

Simplify the back office.

The CM18b differs from a traditional cash recycler because it features an innovative engineering design combining traditional recycling modules with a stacked bag deposit system. With this system you can specify which denominations go directly to the deposit bag or you have the option to transfer lower denomination notes from a module to the bag. This added flexibility is ideal for adapting processes to differing cash needs that inevitably occur throughout the year.

This technology was designed to simplify retail and Cash-in-Transit (CiT) transactions. Before opening the safe, the CM18b will mechanically seal the deposit bag, allowing for unassisted CiT pickups. By reducing scheduled CiT cash pickups while also recycling commonly used denominations it’s easy to see immediate benefits.


More about the CM18b:

CM18b Quick Specs:

  • Deposit/dispense transactions in batches of up to 200 notes
  • Deposit speed up to 5 notes per second
  • Dispense speed up to 7 notes per second
  • Recycling area: up to 6 recycling cassettes, up to 500 notes per cassette (3,000 notes)
  • Deposit area:  A mechanically sealing bag with a capacity of 3,000 banknotes
  • Full image sensors for Visible, UV & IR light plus magnetic and ultra sound sensors
  • RS232, USB 2.0 and TCP/IP connectivity
  • Dimensions/Weight: 1035 x 440 x 900 mm / 450kg
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