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Genmega SCDU-E

Highly compatible design and flexible capacity in one simple device.

Genmega SCDU-E Cash Dispenser Cash Dispenser
Genmega SCDU-E Cash Dispenser

The Genmega SCDU cash dispenser has an industry standard form factor designed to fit easily into most self-service cash handling kiosks.

Deployed in ATMs all over the world, the SCDU has proven reliability for moderate transaction demands.

The dispenser can be configured for use with one to four denominations, contained in securely locked 1000-note cassettes for a capacity of up to 4000 banknotes in a compact unit. Currency cassettes are easy to load for fast cash replenishment and accommodate the majority of banknotes in the world with minimal adjustment.Banknotes are presented in long-edge-first orientation from the SCDU, using “spray” method to dispense. The dispenser module is designed for standard front-service integration, with dispensed notes and cassette access on the same side of the unit.

  • Quick and easy hardware integration with an industry standard form factor
  • Flexible design can be configured from one to four cash cassettes.
  • Separate collection bin for rejected or unfit banknotes prevents wasted dispense cassette capacity.
  • Easy to load and holding up to 1000 banknotes inside each securely locked durable cassette.
  • Proven robust design, widely deployed in the ATM industry worldwide.
  • Included API for quick and simple software integration.


Service Access


Dispense Method Spray

Configuration Options

1, 2, 3 or 4 cassettes 

Cassette Capacity 1000 notes each
Secure Locking Yes

Dispense Speed

3 notes/second

Maximum Notes Per Transaction


Rejected Notes Capacity



24V, 5A DC 



Operating Environment


5º - 35º C


15% to 85%  (non-condensing)

Storage Environment


0º - 50º C


10% - 90%  (non-condensing)

Dimensions (h × w × d)

SCDU (one cassette)

308 x 254 x 354 mm  12.13 x 10.00 x 13.94 in   

Additional Cassettes

+155 mm   + 6.0 in 


SCDU (one cassette)

12 kg     +26.5 lbs

Additional Cassettes

+5 kg   + 11 lbs