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Fujitsu F510

Dual Service Dispenser

Fujitsu F510 Cash Dispenser
Fujitsu F510 Cash Dispenser

As one of the most advanced dispensers on the market, the Fujitsu F510 has the speed, capacity, reliability, and advanced diagnostics for even the most demanding environments.

The F510 can be installed for front and rear service or configured for dual access. This flexibility reduces support costs and minimizes maintenance logistics.

At seven notes per second, the F510 is one of the fastest cash dispensers in the industry. It is expandable by up to six cassettes, with each cassette capable of supporting up to 3,000 new notes for a total capacity of 18,000. It’s an ideal solution for high-volume locations.

The multimedia-capable F510 can also dispense postage stamps, coupons, pre-paid phone cards or other specialized media, making it one of the most versatile dispensers in the industry.

  • 7 notes per second
  • 3000 notes per cassette
  • RS232 interface
  • Shutter option available to meet numerous applications
  • Unique pooling feature with ability to retract notes prior to short dispense


(W x D x H)
Front Access 11.02” x 29.61” x 31.89” (280mm x 752mm x 810mm)
Rear Access 11.02” x 29.80” x 31.89” (280mm x 757mm x 810mm)
Weight (W/O media) 72kg
Service Access Front or Rear
Number of Cassettes Up to 6 Cassettes
Bill Count Speed 7 Bills / Second
Media Specs Dimensions Max. 3.23” x 6.77” (82 mm x 172 mm)

Min. 2.36” x 4.72” (60 mm x 120 mm)


.0024” - .0071” (0.06 - 0.18 mm) Banknotes
Up to .0118” (0.3 mm) Other Media*
*Certification of other media is required

Bills / Transaction

60 Bills / Transaction

Bill Retrieval

Yes / Bunch Presenter



Capacities / Denominations

Accommodation 14.57” (370 mm)
New US Note 3000 Each Cassette (approx.)
Reject Bin In 1st Cash Cartridge
Reject Bill Area Capacity Approximately 150 Bills
Bill Low Sensor Adjustable Sensor - Factory Set
Approximately 100 Notes
Interface RS232C
Electrical Power Requirements DC +24V +-10%

Max. 10A
Avg. 4A

Temperature Operation 32º F - 104º F (0º C - 40º C)
Stop State -23º F - 122º F (-5º C - 50º C)
Relative Humidity Operation

10% - 85%

Stop State

8% - 95%