Cash Dispenser | OEM

Fujitsu F400

Fast, reliable, feature-rich cash dispenser.

Fujitsu F400 Cash Dispenser
Fujitsu F400 Cash Dispenser

The Fujitsu F400 media dispenser is designed to grow with your business. Aimed at helping you minimize your product costs and your customers’ cost of ownership, the F400 is fast, reliable, high-capacity and feature-rich in local and remote diagnostics. It’s also expandable - start with one cassette and expand up to five.

So whether your applications include ATMs, self-checkout, kiosks, bill payment or bill changing, the F400 offers you cost-efficient bill dispensing with high-end features.

The F400 includes a customer adjustable bill low and denomination sensors to ensure that you have cash at peak times while dispensing the correct denomination to your customers. The sensors on the F400 can alert you when they need to be replaced before they fail and cost you down time.

This dispenser is slim enough and occupies a low profile, so it can “fit the ergonomic zone” and be easily integrated into most OEM applications while complying with height requirements for ADA.

  • Front access service
  • Expandable to 5 cassettes
  • Features bill “running-low” sensor and bill reject function.
  • RS232C interface-compatible.
  • UL and TUV recognition.


Dimensions (W x D x H)

11.02” x 16.93” x 11.02” (280 mm x 430 mm x 280 mm)

Weight (W/O media)

44.09 lbs (20 kg)

Service Access


Number of Cassettes

Up to 5 Cassettes

Bill Count Speed

7 Bills / Second

Media Specs


Max. 3.23” x 6.77” (82 mm x 172 mm)
Min. 2.36” x 4.72” (60 mm x 120 mm)


.0024” - .0071” (0.06 - 0.18 mm) Banknotes
Up to .0118” (0.3 mm) Other Media*

*Certification of other media is required

Bills / Transaction

99 Bills / Transaction

Bill Retrieval


Capacities / Denominations

Accommodation 9.06” (230 mm)
New US Note 2200

Reject Bin

In 1st Cash Catridge

Reject Bill Area Capacity

100 bills

Bill Low Sensor

Adjustable Sensor
50 - 300 Notes
Default : 100 Notes



Electrical Power Requirements

DC +24V +-10%
Max. 10A

Ave. 4A
DC +5V +-5%
Max. 2A



32º F - 104º F (0º C - 40º C)

Stop State

-23º F - 122º F (-5º C - 50º C)

Relative Humidity


10% - 85%

Stop State

8% - 95%