OEM Cash Recycler

The OM61 is a freestanding cash recycler with additional deposit capacity designed to integrate easily into back office cash solutions for retail, commercial banking and cash-in-transit (CIT) companies.

Once integrated with your cash automation software, this dual function recycler can prepare cashier tills at the start of the day and receive the cash from the tills at the end of the day— without management supervision. As a cash recycling machine, the OM61 can accept and dispense bundles of banknotes and store them securely inside its UL or CEN certified safe.

ARCA OM61 OEM Cash Recycler
ARCA OM61 OEM Cash Recycler Cutaway View

Simplify the back office.

In response to the needs of leading CIT companies, the OM61 offers the unique feature of a separately secured deposit compartment. Notes in the separate compartment are stored in sealed, tamper-evident bags for quick access by CIT operators.


More about the OM61 Cash Recycler:

OM61 Cash Recycler Quick Specs:

  • Cash recycling and bag deposit in one secure device
  • High speed bundle-accept and dispense, minimizes back-office transaction time
  • High capacity recycling ensures steady supply of cash at start-up time and shift changes.
  • Up to 6 denomination recycling and multi-currency support provides more flexibility in handling transactions.
  • Reliable and secure banknote recognition, including duplex full color scanning as well as UV, IR, and magnetic imaging with counterfeit detection.
  • Fully enclosed model with integrated UL or CEN certified safe.
  • Envoy universal API provides support for fast multi-OS and multi-language software development.
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