ARCA Branch

Branch software that plays well with others.

By seamlessly integrating cash automation technology
into your IT environment, ARCA Branch
allows you to concentrate on the important
things — like your customers

ARCA Branch - Branch software that plays well with others.
75,000 Installations and counting.

75,000 installations and counting.

Making the decision to purchase cash automation technology is a great first step, but will it integrate into your system? The client/server architecture behind ARCA Branch is a proven platform that will support your current environment and has the capability to easily adapt as your branch strategy continues to evolve.

One software package, multiple branch configurations.

Teller-operated: Cash recyclers are traditionally placed behind the teller line in close proximity to the teller and their workstations. A transaction that is entered in the front-office application is executed directly on the cash recycler.

Roaming Tellers: Tellers that aren't in the immediate vicinity of the cash recycler can initialize a transaction. This is an ideal solution for remote stations or for newer, tablet-based roaming tellers.

Customer-operated: In this case, the customer initializes the transaction partially or wholly. This is especially applicable for an assisted self-service solution. A touch-based user interface is provide, eliminating the need for a keyboard and mouse.

Man operating software on a tablet computer.

The nitty gritty.

Electric journals + Reporting: Each ARCA Branch server maintains a local database storing a chronological electronic journal of all activities. From this journal, you can create detailed reports and retrieve information on specific transactions, users or activities. These reports provide a graphical view of your cash inventory including individual denominations and usage density.

Balancing + Transactions: Keeping an accurate balance and performing simple deposit and withdrawal transactions are some of the primary responsibilities of a teller. These basic, but important, tasks are supported through our platform and integrates with all common balancing systems.

Safety + Security: A core security feature of the platform is being able to authorize user access. There are three different user profiles available: teller, branch manager, and administrator. Safety features include configurable time-delays, silent alarms, and cash limits. An alarm can be triggered with a key combination, over an interface, or by entering a specific user name.

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