ARCA provides industry-leading cash handling solutions and services to kiosk and self-service system manufacturers.

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We are here to help you succeed.

ARCA has been a leader in the OEM industry for over 20 years. We’ve seen what works and what hasn’t. We know the right questions to ask to help you avoid delays, overcome obstacles and get you to the market faster.

Our integration software gets you to market faster.

ARCA works with your team to help determine the most practical way to automate cash within your system. Integration time is critical, so we created our own software to help you develop your application. This saves you tremendous amounts of development time and money.

We support you today and tomorrow.

ARCA is here to consult and help you build a profitable, reliable machine. We also offer training on maintenance and repair so you can be self-sufficient over the years. We also offer depot repair services at our facilities in the US and Europe. And we keep our warehouses well-stocked so your supply chain doesn’t stall.

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OEM Products

Great products

ARCA offers best-in-class OEM components. We have strong relationships with manufacturers and have earned their trust by providing comprehensive support throughout the solution development and sales cycle - from unit 1 to unit 1000 as efficiently as possible.

Reliable products

You'll find our products performing from casinos to car washes. Making that wide range happen requires reliability, knowledge and versatility. We are ready to help you succeed and meet your market demands.

Integration innovation
Integration advantage

ARCA's proprietary solution accelerates software development and will help you get your machines to market faster. Banknote acceptors, dispensers and recyclers are all supported by our Envoy API - developed to unlock the full range of features of each device in your application.


Modern cash and electronic payment devices must meet strict standards for encrypting sensitive information and for preventing “jackpotting” attacks on cash handling machines. From card payment systems at a fuel pump to cash recyclers inside an ATM, we have the devices to match your security needs.

We listen

We are cash automation experts and will gladly share our knowledge and opinions with you, but only after we listen to your vision. So contact us.

Product repair
Product repair

Even the most properly maintained machine can need repairing when parts wear out. ARCA has production and repair facilities in the US and Europe. We are prepared to service what we sell.

"We’ve always been able to give our customers what they really wanted."

Michael Aughney

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