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Customer Story

Eataly Expo

ARCA made till management easier for Eataly restaurants during World EXPO. An avalanche of Euros from six million visitors was tamed at the World's Fair thanks to ARCA CM18b cash recylers that:

  • Processed almost 30 million Euros 
  • Automated till float preparation for 40 cash registers from 20 different restaurants
  • Allowed restaurant owners to focus on food and customers, rather than cash

Customer Story (PDF) 

Eataly is the largest Italian marketplace in the world with 16 locations in Italy, several stores in Europe, Asia, and the Americas with more on the way. Eataly marketplaces include a variety of restaurants, bakeries, food and beverage kiosks, retail shops, and even a cookery school. In 2015, Eataly was an integral part of the World EXPO in Milan, with their 172,000-square-feet area that provided a culinary journey through Italy’s highest quality food and wine.

Twenty individual regional restaurants were hosted in the Eataly EXPO. In order to simplify managing the large amount of cash collected from these restaurants, Eataly integrated technology from ARCA to automate back office till float control, improve efficiencies and increase security.

Pile of Cash

The Challenge:

How to not be overwhelmed by tons of cash

During their 6 months at EXPO 2015, Eataly served 3 million meals to 6 million visitors and took in almost 30 million euros, most of it in cash. Managing this large amount of money would have been a monumental process for the twenty restaurant owners and managers of Eataly.

The goal of this project was to create a process that would speed up and simplify cash management procedures at the beginning and end of shifts for the twenty restaurant owners at Eataly EXPO 2015.

Retail Signage

The Solution:

Automation from ARCA took over the cash management heavy lifting

Eataly installed two ARCA systems. Each system included a CM18b banknote recycler, a CSD8 coin recycler, and the BOS software application. The systems provided an end-to-end solution for eliminating cash counting labors and improving reconciliation routines. This configuration ensures full back office cash automation by providing till float preparation (beginning of shift & end of shift), POS balancing to the back room, and deposit preparation.

How It Works:

Automation frees many hands to make light work

To perform the various operations, access codes were provided to the over 40 cashiers of the twenty restaurants to give them complete autonomy and accountability in carrying out their operations. Coins were immediately allotted to the POS drawer and at the same time banknotes were dispensed to replenish the till float. Then, banknotes and coins were deposited in the device at the end of the day and counting, clearance and accounting were carried out automatically.

The systems were connected to the CIT company appointed to collect the money. The CIT company could then withdraw the money in total autonomy, since the money for withdrawal was prepared automatically by the device.

In addition to optimizing the cash management process, all transactions were tracked by the system and the data was made available for analysis at all times.


Wine and Euros flowed freely bringing smiles to all

The initial goal to refine back office cash management procedures was reached. Faster transactions and transaction monitoring drastically helped limit errors and reduced manual cash management processes. This freed up restaurant owners to concentrate on their core business, providing Italy’s highest quality food and wine to visitors to the Expo.

Eataly was very happy with the technology and service ARCA provided during the six-months of the World Exhibition. The positive experience at EXPO 2015 has prompted Eataly to rely on ARCA technology to optimize cash management in their Rome and other newly opened stores.

Additional Notes:

CTS Solutions and ARCA team up to support Eataly EXPO

CTS Solutions, ARCA’s Italian branch, provided 24/7 support to Eataly during the six-month Universal EXPO. CTS Solutions remains Eataly’s resource for on-site service and the development of new projects with Eataly.