Cash is a lot of work. ARCA makes it easy.

At ARCA, we believe automation doesn’t replace people, it makes them better.

Since 1998, our cash automation technologies have delivered undeniable value to financial institutions and retail businesses by saving them time and money. We work with customers all over the world to understand their cash problems and they trust us to deliver the right solution for their needs.

With corporate headquarters in North Carolina, ARCA has worldwide offices in Italy, France, and the UK with customers in more than 50 countries.

The ARCA worldwide leadership team.

Mort O'Sullivan

Mort O'Sullivan 
Founder and CEO

Hank Winfield

Hank Winfield 
President and Chief Financial Officer

Joseph Hancock

Joseph Hancock 
Chief Technology Officer

Stefano Parmegiani

Stefano Parmegiani 
Chief Manufacturing and
Supply Chain Officer

A few of our clients.

IBC Bank

Omaha Zoo



City National Bank

Museum of Fine Arts


Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union


Grupo Slots


Bank of Hope

First Capital Bank of Texas


First State Bank of Colorado

E. Leclerc

Broadway Grand Prix

Northwest Bank

Riverbanks Zoo